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AT&C Planning and Coordination Services

AT&C provides premiere Planning & Coordination consulting services, specializing in Change Management, Startups, Rollouts and Performance Improvement.



Project Planning & Management

AT&C utilizes a 'Listen and Learn' (sm) approach to identify key project goals, critical client needs and end-user resource requirements. AT&C understands the need for everyone to 'be on the same page' from the very beginning of a project, in order to ensure successful project completion.


AT&C works with clients to identify goals, challenges, obstacles to project success; and designs strategies, plans and options to achieve full project success. Flexibility, progressive design and end-user awareness separate AT&C from the pack as being able to adjust to changes and incorporate just-in-time modifications to project plans, schedules and objectives.


AT&C will research solutions, strategies and options for any and every project need; to develop the best possible project plan that will result in the most impactful and needs-oriented results. AT&C provides action plan(s) with strategies, contingency planning, skills and knowledge assessments, end-user learning evaluations, and will identify success metrics and measurements to support projects post-implementation ROI evaluations.


AT&C specializes in providing planning support for:





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