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AT&C Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some answers to common questions about the services AT&C provides.


Will you travel to a client site for a project?

Certainly! Depending on the location, duration and intent of the project, AT&C will factor in travel costs and logistics into the project plan. AT&C frequently travels throughout the Southeast US on a wide variety of projects.


Can you work off-site for a project?

Certainly! AT&C's offices are fully equipped for all development needs and is completely capable of tele-commuting and collaborating on a project. AT&C prides itself on being prepared for working both on-site and off-site for the best efficiency and cost reduction strategy.


Will my information be safe during a project?

Absolutely! AT&C maintains its own ISO 17799-based Information Security program, designed to ensure data protection and reliability during the project, as well as providing for secure disposal upon project completion.


How do you determine costs for a project?

Good question! AT&C calculates rates based on several factors, including: type of project, expected duration, location, on-site vs. off-site engagement, actual travel costs (based on averaging of hotels, gas prices, airline prices, etc.), individual vs. collaborative efforts, and material costs (i.e. software requirements, paper costs, publication costs, Internet fees, etc.). AT&C factors in all of these considerations into the calculation and researches the fair market rate for similar services and determines a cost structure that will ensure the best possible outcome at the lowest possible project cost.


Contact AT&C with a description of the project you are planning and we will be happy to provide detailed Cost Estimates, RFP Responses, and Proposals.


How do I contact AT&C for more information?

Please visit our Contact AT&C page and choose a contact option.



For local clients, click here to access the Aiken, SC and greater CSRA section of this site.