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AT&C Local CSRA Information

For our customers in Aiken, SC and the greater CSRA, AT&C specializes in on-site or in-home consultations!


Business Consultation

AT&C provides top level, customized analysis and evaluation services to help you improve your business. Technology upgrades, office layout, service enhancements, Internet image, resource utilization, business needs, information security and other areas can be evaluated for existing pro's and con's; and recommendations made to enhance existing and future products and services.


Technical Training

AT&C provides the highest quality, personalized training for you and your employees. Training needs are analyzed and courseware developed for a wide variety of training needs. AT&C provides computer and software training, as well as business process, industrial, management, sales, safety, information security, Internet and other training areas.


Computer Services

Having problems with your computer? Want to use your computer better or get more out of it for your money? Why pay for a class to learn on someone else's computer when you can have the same training in-house on your PC?


AT&C specializes in providing in-house customized computer service solutions, including troubleshooting and repair. AT&C also provides customer analysis to determine existing and potential computer-use solutions to help you get more out of your computer for the least amount of cost or effort. AT&C can also conduct product comparisons for future upgrade efforts; and provide recommendations on computer, software and other technology purchases.


Networking & Office Solutions

AT&C provides a variety of networking and other office solutions, including: network setup and troubleshooting, ergonomics analysis, technology resource improvements and setup, and more.


Specialty Training & Services

AT&C can provide one-on-one training and consultation for a variety of computer-related situations, including: iPod and iPhone setup and use on PC's; digitizing photographs, papers, and music; setup and synchronization of photo's, video's and contacts on "smart phones" using your PC; and a host of other custom, on-demand services.



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