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AT&C Analysis and Evaluation Services

AT&C provides clients with a variety of Analysis consulting services, including industry-standard evaluations designed to improve business processes and enhance productivity.


Business Needs Analysis

AT&C utilizes a 'Listen and Learn' (sm) approach to identify key project goals, critical client needs and end-user resource requirements. AT&C understands the need for everyone to 'be on the same page' from the very beginning of a project, in order to ensure successful project completion.


AT&C works with clients to identify goals, challenges, obstacles to project success; and designs strategies, plans and options to achieve full project success. Flexibility, progressive design and end-user awareness separate AT&C from the pack as being able to adjust to changes and incorporate just-in-time modifications to project plans, schedules and objectives.


AT&C will research solutions, strategies and options for any and every project need; to develop the best possible project plan that will result in the most impactful and needs-oriented results. AT&C provides action plan(s) with strategies, contingency planning, skills and knowledge assessments, end-user learning evaluations, and will identify success metrics and measurements to support projects post-implementation ROI evaluations.


Training Needs Analysis

AT&C utilizes a combination of:



... in order to design, develop and implement highly successful training programs, courseware, classroom sessions, on-the-job and other training solutions.


AT&C works with clients to coordinate data gathering, resource evaluation, observation of processes, client point-of-contact interviews and other methodologies intended to enhance the design and development, as well as the implentation and success rates, of training solutions.


AT&C will identify strengths and weaknesses within the processes, organization and strategic plans, conduct audience surveys, existing and potential resource evaluations, gap identification and impact analyses for affected areas of proposed projects, and work with project leaders to develop strategic plans for success, contingencies and options.


Workplace Hazards Analysis

AT&C works with clients to:



Identifying and eliminating workplace hazards helps any employer to improve working conditions and minimize lost time and resources due to accidents, incidents and safety-related dangers. By implementing a plan to identify and mitigate workplace safety issues, employers provide for a safer working environent and a greater sense of confidence for employees; ensuring a more productive and effiicient workforce with higher morale and productivity.


Compliance Analysis

AT&C will assist clients in researching regulations, guidelines, and legislation affecting their business operations, information protection requirements and operational effectiveness expectations.


AT&C will help clients determine Best-In-Class methods of achieving success in complying with applicable rules and regulations, thereby reducing operation liabilities and risks. Whether the concern is ISO, OSHA, Mil-Std, CFR, or any other regulatory organization's requirements, AT&C can help interpret, evaluate and develop a plan for successful compliance.


AT&C will help clients to identify compliance gaps and improvement areas, to ensure not only minimal compliance; but a move towards a Best-in-Class approach to achieving and maintaining compliance with industry-standard rules, guidelines, regulations and legislation.



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